Music Testimonials

 “Kevin is easy to work with and very experienced. He is knowledgeable in all aspects of music technique and creates a comfortable atmosphere for his students.”
– Burak U.     February 02, 2012

“A Life-Changing, enriching experience!
Kevin’s easy, encouraging teaching style helped me to break through my personal mental barrier that I’ve always had to learning music theory.
I now have the tools I need to continue learning on my own, and the knowledge that he’s there if I run into any stumbling blocks.
 Thanks, Kevin!”
– Rudy S.     January 27, 2012

“Excellent Vocal Instructor!!!
Kevin is an outstanding teacher. I have been taking vocal lessons and I plan on transitioning into guitar lessons. He has an innate ability to listen to what you want to accomplish and create a plan the helps you meet that goal. Each lesson is relaxed, well organized, flexible and fun.”
– Rob J.     January 19, 2012

“I’ve nothing else but great things to say about Kevin C. The 3 lessons I had so far exceeded my expectations. He identified my weaknesses and provides me the help I need. Besides, he’s very kind and open minded which I appreciate.
– Philippe B. November 10, 2011

“Kevin is a wonderful teacher! He is professioinal, dedicated, warm, fun and patient. I have learned a lot and have a good time.”
– Clara L. August 20, 2011

“I’m really glad that I found Kevin. He has made me take up ‘playing the guitar’ seriously again since he is also an amazing performer. I really like his teaching methodology and I have had a lot of fun and am learning a lot in the process. I strongly recommend!”
– Aravindha A. March 14, 2011

“Since taking lessons from Kevin, I have found an enjoyment and ease in approaching the instrument like never before. I’d like to think it has to do with some previously undiscovered talent of mine. The reality is that it’s Kevin’s patient approach – pure and simple.”

“It’s often been said that those who cant do – teach. It’s a rare opportunity to learn from a man who can do both with the greatest of ease. Kevin Carroll is a gifted soul.”
– E.

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  1. Kevin never ceases to amaze me! Having known Kevin for many years as a professional guitar player, I was very excited to have the opportunity to become a student of his. After beginning guitar lessons with Kevin, we began talking more about ukulele. I played in a ukulele choir in third grade elementary school but had not picked up the instrument in MANY years. Through Kevin’s encouragement I have a new-found LOVE for uke! I hope to have many more years of study with Kevin, as I always learn something new with each lesson!

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